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Textile Auxiliary Agent textile chemical auxiliary fabric soft smooth finishingagent

Textile Auxiliary Agent textile chemical auxiliary fabric soft smooth finishingagent

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    water softener chemicals


    denim washing chemicals

  • Product Name
    Textile Auxiliary Agent textile chemical Auxiliary Fabric soft smooth Finishingagent
  • Appearance
    Colorless To Yellowish Transparent Liquid
  • Content
  • Solubility
    Easily Soluble In Water
  • CAS NO
  • Application
    Textile Auxiliary Agent
  • Brand Name
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO/ BV
  • Model Number
    Softening Agent
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Ton
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    50/125kg per plastic drum
  • Delivery Time
    7-10 working days after received your payment
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    2,000 Tons per month

Textile Auxiliary Agent textile chemical auxiliary fabric soft smooth finishingagent

Textile Auxiliary Agent textile chemical auxiliary fabric soft smooth finishingagent





Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid


weak cation

PH value





Easily soluble in water


Brief Description:

The special product silicone smooth softener which is lower dosage than the traditional silicone oil products, it can endow the fabrics with non-hydrophilic effect, full and silky handle. It also has excellent washing durability, which can maintain the fabric original handle feeling after times of washing. The one with non-hydrophilic can be used in all kinds of knitting fabric, woven fabric, which obviously increase the value of them.



1. Do not affect the hydrophilic character of the cotton and their blended fabric.

2. Excellent chemical stability: belong to self-emulsifying property.

3. No yellowing to white and light color fabric.

4. Can give soft, full, silk-like handle to fabric, and outstanding elasticity effect; can improve tensile recovery property of cotton knitting products significantly.

5. Excellent compatibleness, applies to long car after-treatment of cotton/linen. It can be used with little pigment, dye-fixing agent, liquid brightener, also can be used with traditional DP resin in one bath.

6. For dipping process, it can work in the overflow cylinder under normal temperature without silicon grease spots. For padding process, no sticking, no silicon grease spots, easy to repair.



1. It can be used in softening of all kinds of cotton, polyester fibre and Blended knitted fabric.

2. It can be used in softening of all kinds of woven such as cotton, hemp ,T/R, cotton/brocade, non-sticking.

3. Dipping method:

  Soften agent: 0.5~3.0% (o.w.f)

  Temperature: 20~40℃

  Bath ratio: 1:5~1:20

  Time: 20~30min

  Drying: 100~130℃

2. Continuous padding method

  Soften agent: 5~20 g/l

  PH VALUE: 6.5(adjust by glacial acetic acid)

  Temperature: 20~40℃

  Take-up: ≥65%

  Drying: 100~130℃

Specific process please uses sample-test to adjust.


Packing and Storage:

1. 50/125kg per plastic drum

2. Sealed store in a cool and dry place, shelf life for half a year.


Textile Auxiliary Agent textile chemical auxiliary fabric soft smooth finishingagent 0