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99.5% Purity Cas 461-58-5 Dicyandiamide / Dcda For Industrial Production

99.5% Purity Cas 461-58-5 Dicyandiamide / Dcda For Industrial Production

  • High Light

    dcd dicyandiamide


    dcd chemical

  • MF
    C2H4N4, C2H4N4
  • Model Number
  • Grade Standard
    Industrial Grade, Industrial Grade
  • Appearance
    White Powder, White Crystalline Powder, White Powder
  • Application
    Industrial Production, Melaminoformal Dehyde Resin
  • Item
    Dicyandiamide 99.5%
  • Purity
    99.5%min, 99.5% - 99.8%
  • Ash Content %≤
  • Calcium Content Ppm≤
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO/ BV
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Ton
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Packed in 25kg plastic insulated bags
  • Delivery Time
    7-10 working days after received your payment
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    2,000 Tons per month

99.5% Purity Cas 461-58-5 Dicyandiamide / Dcda For Industrial Production



High Quality Dicyandiamide 99.5%,461-58-5,Dicyandiamide/ Dcda



This product is a water-soluble high polymer with good flocculation activity. It can reduce the friction resistance between liquid. It is not soluble in most organic solvents.


Application Field

1.It is mainly used to recycle the wastewater from clay producing.

2.It can be used to centrifugalize the tailings of coal washing and filter the fine particles of iron ore.

3.It can also be used to treat industrial wastewater.






White Powder, White Crystalline Powder, white powder

Impurity precipitating test


Solid content %≥


Molecular weight




Calcium content ppm≤



Brief Description:

white crystal. Relative density is 1.40. melting point is 207-212°c. It is soluble in water and alcohol, almost insoluble in ethyl ether and benzene. Stable when dry. Non-flammable. 
2-Cyanoguanidine or commonly Dicyandiamide is an nitrile derived from guanidine. It is a dimer of cyanamide, from which it can be prepared. 2-Cyanoguanidine is a colourless solid that is soluble in water, acetone, and alcohol, but not in diethyl ether or chloroform.



It is kinds of melamime-and intermediate pan of syntheticdrug.pestic-ides and coloring agent.It can be producted guandine nitrate.sulfanilamide fulfocar bamide. rubber accelerator hardening fo steel,fixing agent of dyeprinting sizing agent, compound fertilizer.etc.
(1). Used as raw material for the manufacture of guanidine, special resin, flam retardant etd.;
(2). Used as padding for the manufacture of leatherette, and as curing agent for adhensive;
(3). Used as fixing agent in dyeing industry, as retarding in leather industry, as decoloring agent or flocculating agent in water treatment industry; as surface hardener in steel industry; as nitrification inhibitor in agriculture;

(4). Electronic grade is used as curing agent of epoxy resin in copper cladding of electronic information industry; inner film of metal package in food and drink industry; super grade innoxious flame-retardant; plastic additives in package of foodstuff; intermedias in pharmaceutical industry.


Package and Storage:


Net weight 25kg plastic insulated bags. 
18MT/20'FCL with pallets; 20MT/20'FCL without pallet 
for Best price dicyandiamide(dcda) dicyandiamide 99.5%


Should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place below 35℃.


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99.5% Purity Cas 461-58-5 Dicyandiamide / Dcda For Industrial Production 0