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Defoamer Thickener Agent Silicone Emulsion For Paint Water Based

Defoamer Thickener Agent Silicone Emulsion For Paint Water Based

  • High Light

    Defoamer Thickener Agent For Paint


    compatible Defoamer Thickener Agent


    Defoamer Thickener good in stability

  • Product Name
    Textile Printing Thickeners
  • Appearance
    Milky White Yellowish Viscous Liquid
  • Active Content(%)
  • Classification
    Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Viscosity (2% Water Solution, Mpa.s)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    BV / ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD 4.5-5.5/kg
  • Packaging Details
    Packed with 30kg, 250kg , 1250kg IBC tank
  • Delivery Time
    8~10 working days after received your payment
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    10000 Metric Tons per Year

Defoamer Thickener Agent Silicone Emulsion For Paint Water Based

China'S Famous Manufacturer Defoamer Thickener Silicone Emulsion Thickener For Paint Water Based

Brief Description

An efficient thickener for waterborne VOC-free acrylic copolymers, primarily to increase viscosity at high shear rates, resulting in products with Newtonian-like rheological behavior. The thickener is a typical thickener that provides viscosity at high shear rates compared to traditional waterborne thickeners, and the thickened system is more efficient in molding, paintability, edge coverage and apparent performance were improved. It has little effect on low and medium shear viscosity. After addition, the apparent viscosity and sag resistance of the system are almost unchanged.


Procuct name





Milky white yellowish viscous liquid

Active content(%)


pH(1% water solution, mpa.s)


Viscosity (2% water solution, mpa.s)



Application Fields

Defoamer Thickener Agent Silicone Emulsion For Paint Water Based 0

Architectural coatings, printing coatings, silicone defoamer, water-based industrial coatings, leather coatings, adhesives, paint coatings, metal working fluids,

Other waterborne systems


1. High-efficiency thickener, compatible with various adhesives, easy to prepare, and good in stability.

2. Reduce costs, save energy, reduce environmental pollution, and have obvious effects on ensuring production safety

3. It is used for roller printing and round and flat screen printing, which can make the printed products have clear outline, bright color and high color supply. The color paste is easy to prepare, has good stability, does not crust on the surface, and does not plug the net during printing

Application Method

It can be added to abrasive slurries. Ideal results can also be obtained when post-adding in the pre-painting stage. In this case, care should be taken to check the compatibility of the coating system, due to the extremely high polymer particle surface. Therefore, it may cause coagulation or flocculation due to excessive local interaction. If this phenomenon occurs, it is recommended to dilute it with water in advance, such as diluting to a concentration of 10% before use.

The increase in high shear viscosity is a function of the amount added, the exact amount depending on the rheology required for the particular coating.


Remarks: It is better to add an appropriate amount (0.5%-1%) of ammonia water with a concentration of 20%. (This recommendation is based on product needs)


Generally, 0.2-3.0% is added to the total amount, and the color of the product is milky white

One-Stop Service

Defoamer Thickener Agent Silicone Emulsion For Paint Water Based 1

Package and Storage

Defoamer Thickener Agent Silicone Emulsion For Paint Water Based 2

1. Plastic drum, 60kg 160 kg

2. Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool and dry, ventilated place

3. The Term of Validity: One year, Stir before each use before adding

4. Transportation:Non-dangerous goods

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1.Q: How to use decoloring agent?

A: The best method is to use it together with PAC+PAM, which has the lowest processing cost. The detailed guidance is available,welcome to contact us.

2.Q: Do you provide after-sales service?

A: We adhere to the principle of providing customers with comprehensive services from inquiries to after-sales. No matter what questions you have in the process of use, you can contact our sales representatives to serve you.

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A: We could provide some free samples to you. Please provide your courier account (Fedex, DHL, etc) for sample arrangement.

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