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ETP Chemicals Microbes For Sewage Treatment Powder Bacteria Agent

ETP Chemicals Microbes For Sewage Treatment Powder Bacteria Agent

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    ETP Chemicals Microbes Powder


    COD degradation bacteria Powder


    cleanwater COD Powder Bacteria Agent

  • Product Name
    COD Degradation Bacteria
  • Grows Fastest PH
  • Most Suitable Temperature
  • Character Of Commodity
  • Viable Bacteria Content
    ≥20 Billion/g
  • Brand Name
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    clean water
  • Certification
    BV ISO
  • Model Number
    COD degradation bacteria
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 kg
  • Price
    USD 0-200/KG
  • Packaging Details
    5 kg/bag
  • Delivery Time
    8~10 working days after received your paymen
  • Supply Ability
    20,00 Tons per month

ETP Chemicals Microbes For Sewage Treatment Powder Bacteria Agent

ETP Chemicals microbes used for sewage treatment&in water treatment powder bacteria agent

brand name Cleanwater
appearance Powder
Viable bacteria content ≥20 billion/g
Main ingredients Calcium acetate Acinetobacter , Bacillus , Efficient bioflocculant bacterium , Saccharomyces , Micrococcus , Enzyme and nutritional agents.
Range of application Municipal sewage treatment , kinds of chemical waste water , dying waste water , landfill leachate , foods waste water and so on.


ETP Chemicals Microbes For Sewage Treatment Powder Bacteria Agent 0

Operation parameter:

■ Mithridatism:The bacteria agent can resist the poisonous substance , include chloride , cyanide

and heavy metal , etc.

■ Salinity:It is applied in the high salinity industrial waste water. The maximum tolerated salinity is 6%.

■ PH:5.5~9.5, Great impact grows fastest between 6.6~7.8, best in 7.5.

■ Temperature:8℃~60℃. The bacteria will die when the temperature higher than 60℃.When the temperature below 8℃, it will not die but will restrict the growing. The most suitable temperature is 26~32℃.

■ Microelement:Potassium , iron , calcium , sulfur , magnesium , etc. Normally in the soil and water , the microelement content is enough..



Applicable to municipal wastewater treatment plants, various chemical wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, landfill leachate, food waste water and other industrial wastewater treatment.


Usage and Dosage:

Base on the inflow of waste water , the first time add 200g/m3 (Base on the volume of tank).Increase 30~50g/m3 when the inflow change to effect the biochemical system.


Main functions:

■ Strong resistance of impact load and toxic substances. It can work in low temperature.

■ American engineering strains treated after sterile fermentation spray drying technology and unique enzyme treatment , it becomes COD degradation bacterium agent. It is the best choice for waste water treatment project , landscape water treatment , lake and river ecological restoration project.

■ Increase the removal capacity of organics , especially for the ingredient which is difficult to Disintegrate.

Note:When there is bactericide in polluted area , its function to microbial should be in advance.


ETP Chemicals Microbes For Sewage Treatment Powder Bacteria Agent 1