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Natural Drain Deodorizer Cleanwater PH 7 Safe Environmental Protection

Natural Drain Deodorizer Cleanwater PH 7 Safe Environmental Protection

  • High Light

    non toxic deodorant


    drain deodorizer

  • Package
    200 Kg/IBC
  • Shelf Time
    One Year
  • Company
  • Efficacy
    Effective Deodorization, Microbial Catalytic Decomposition
  • Main Ingredients
    Pure Natural Plant Extracts, Compound Biological Strains
  • Advantage
    Safe Environmental Protection, Fast And Efficient, Ultra-high Concentration, Economy Applicable
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    BV ISO
  • Model Number
    natural deodorant
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 MT
  • Price
    USD 1000-4000 /T
  • Packaging Details
    Packed with 30kg, 250kg , 1250kg IBC tank
  • Delivery Time
    8~10 working days after received your paymen
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    20000 Metric Tons per Year

Natural Drain Deodorizer Cleanwater PH 7 Safe Environmental Protection

Natural Deodorant



Appearance Green liquid
Density 0.99
PH 7
Main ingredients Pure natural plant extracts, compound biological strains
Efficacy Effective deodorization, microbial catalytic decomposition
Advantage Safe environmental protection, fast and efficient, ultra-high concentration, economy applicable



1. Even if it entre the eyes, it will not do harm

2. It can not only remove bad smell but also decomposed oil film

3. It can remove all the bad smell rapidly

4. Inhibit the harmful bacteria



1. method:

According to the concentration of bad odour, diluting the deodorant.

For domestic: after diluting 6-10 times( as 1: 5-9) to use;

For industry: after diluting 20-300 times( as 1: 19-299) to use.


2. Tools:

1.Automatic spray gun ( professional ), watering can (alternative)

2.Use the deodorant cooperated with spray tower, washing tower, absorption tower, water spray tank and other kinds of waste gas purification equipment.

3.this product can be used as absorbent, added directly to the spray tower circulation tank to use.



It is natural plant extract, after use, it can be decomposed in the soil, so it is very safe. It can help the growth of beneficial bacteria, promote oxidation and remove the smell.


Goods Description:

It is total natural plant extracts product. The main ingredients are mint,camphor tree,eucalyptus tree,cinnamaldehyde,etc.

In high temperature, bad smell particle is surrounded by water molecule. Before bad smell removal, the water molecule should be damaged and then the bad smell particle can be captured.


1) Suitable for room temperature, the ideal temperature is 36 degrees Celsius, the upper limit is 54 degrees Celsius.

2) During all the similar products, it is liquid product including the most bacteria.

3) It can effective decompose the cellulose , lignin in the fatty acid.

4) Not combustion, biodegradable, no secondary pollution

5) Safety formula, harmless to humans and animals

6) Specially add biological oxidase and Tucca Schidigera to enhance the effect

7) Microorganism mixed bacteria products, they work together to remove bad smell.



1. It can decompose the oil film, remove oil smell.

2. Rapidly remove bad smell from highly corrosive things.

3. Non-corrosive, can be decomposed in the soil.

4. Some strong bad smell can be removed as well.


Package and storage:

Package: 200 kg/IBC; Shelf time: one year


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